I get no service from you !

Majken Posts: 7 New Member

I paid for f-secure 24/ October and I can’t get in to my account and I get no help from you Shame on you and I will report this 


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    What help have you asked for?  For account related issues, you will need to: Contact Support by Phone or Chat

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,619 Superuser



    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and not an official F-Secure Staff or something else for official clarification.

    But just as my own unofficial suggestions:


    --> you paid for F-Secure (some of solutions) some weeks how.

    --> but it still not possible to 'get in' to your account;

    --> you did not receive help from F-Secure;


    does it valid setting?

    If so, good to know points like:


    -> what kind of solution is purchased?

    -> impossible to get in to your account based on ?! response with mistake; not clear where you have to do so; something else?

    -> did you try to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone) for assist:


    or maybe did you try to use their Knowledgebase articles (as source of potential useful articles/notes):


    or if there was any confirmation/greetings letters from F-Secure (after purchase) - does it contain any instructions about (?!).

    -> as additional points: does it purchased from F-Secure webstore directly? does license/subscription is activated already - but not possible to login to 'account' (?). or by 'get in to your account' means troubles with license-activation (?)


    I feel that if some of users do not able to find proper steps to start use their software - this is, of course, trouble and not good design. Also -> if there is any internal F-Secure troubles -> also not good that user met this before official fix.



  • Majken
    Majken Posts: 7 New Member

    I need a Freedome-konto-ID from you!

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,619 Superuser

    @Majken wrote:

    I need a Freedome-konto-ID from you!



    I'm not sure why you need my (?) or from me (?) Freedome-konto-ID (or from someone else).

    I able to repeat -> I'm also only F-secure user (their home solutions) and @Simon too.

    Maybe -> direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone) with their Support Agents can be useful for retrieve your own Freedome-konto-ID or they're able to advice properly. 

    Based on this official reply:



    The account ID is the same subscription code which you purchased for Freedome (subscription code = account ID for iOS). May I know if you have purchased a multi device subscription or an App store subscription for Freedome?

    and if your experience about multiplatform subscription (not the AppStore-based subscription):


    Have you searched your email address for the Freedome invoice email? The email should have the subscription information. If you are still having issues our chat/phone support should help you with this.


    There was also another topic with related(?) concern:


    and potential related knowledgebase article:



  • Majken
    Majken Posts: 7 New Member

    I bought Freedome secure 465 swecrowns same as inhad before. You should be able to see that

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Majken,


    As mentioned by Ukko, the account ID (konto ID) should be there in the purchase order email sent to you. Could you please check your email for the ID?


    If you are still unable to find it, I have asked our Support team to resend your order email which has the account ID. Please let us know if you were able to receive it.


    The login option in Freedome is applicable if you have bought Total (which combines SAFE and Freedome). If you have purchased just Freedome, you can validate the product using the license code. You can follow the steps mentioned here if you have a Windows/Mac machine or iOS/Android phone to activate Freedome.

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