A better gaming mode feature.

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This has been said to death, but you guys should have the option to turn on gaming mode when an application is launched fullscreen then automatically turn it off after it is not full screen or have the option to set a profile for when gaming mode is to be launched and then turn off after the application in the profile becomes closed,  because so many competititors like Avast( even its free edition) have this feature.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I able to add some of my own unofficial feelings:


    -> basically, "Full Screen mode"-optimization and "Gaming Mode" - two different (but closely connected/related) features under F-Secure software design.


    Some optimization checks are enabled automatically for Full Screen mode (with certain applications);

    While "Gaming Mode" possible to enable/disable only manually and with more optimizations.


    I feel that current design based on many limitation and exception about 'full screen'-state. And likely that possible to get a lot of false positives for 'full screen'-state or even more false negatives.


    As additional troublepoint -> potential exploiting such design with malicious/suspicious tries (as launch/set full-screen for avoid any notifications or enabling certain launches). Maybe it possible to do with current design too (so, should not be critical point).



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    Latest versions now have new automatic gaming mode where the detection is based on a running process, so it is fully automatic.


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