Make it possible for user to manually add additional domains to the banking protection list


Some domains that F-Secure has not included in the banking protection list may be important for a particular user to have in that list.


It would be useful if there was e.g. an extra tab in the "Allowed & blocked sites" for "Banking protection sites". This tab could be used by user to manage a list of sites that are currently not in the F-Secure internal banking protection list.


The idea of this list would not be to remove any sites F-Secure's internal banking protection list but only to add sites that may currently not be included.


If F-Secure in the future adds a site in this list to their internal list, the app could then remove it from this user-managed list.



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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    I able to think that such request can be valid, but there is also some limitations of this:


    current design of F-Secure Banking Protection with next points:


    -- if banking/payment website is not rated as 'trigger for Banking Protection session' - possible to use F-Secure SAS: (for re-rate URL for all users).


    -- Banking Protection session (flyer) is system-based.

    So, it's work for all browser's tabs and system's network connections (with potential exclusions for 'safe-for-banking' URLs and trusted applications). Generally, with your certain situation available workaround: open two tabs (your URL and URL-HTTPS of any banking websites) - banking protection is triggered - so... your system is protected with certain design. Valid for any of webpages. No requirements to 'add' website to list (even it already covered; even did not trigger Banking Protection session itself).