Make it possible for f-sec to determine if some app is sending data somewhere


So nowadays a concern is that a newer version of an app that has been trusted before does not cost a lot to purchase or upgrade but it underhandledly sends user data to the parent company somewhere.


So it would be great if F-Secure had a feature whereby it can monitor internet traffic esp. in cases where an application open a network connection without user involvement (e.g. if the app runs with a very small or invisible window or in windowless mode or was triggered by some schedule or registry entry) and in these cases is sending more than just a little bit of data (e.g. more than the apps own registration key) to some company somewhere.


When this is happening it would be great if it was possible to receive a notification of this and if F-Secure made it possible to block the app.


  • MilesSmith
    MilesSmith Posts: 1 New Member

    it was working smoothly on my iPad Pro when it was running on ios 10 however as I have updated to ios 11.3 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the startup and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?