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I amusing Windows 10

Can you please remind me where I find the window to allow and block websites? I havent done it in a while

Many thanks




  • Ukko
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    It maybe with differences between some versions/solutions of F-Secure.

    But, for example, latest available F-Secure SAFE:


    - to open Main UI (by click for F-Secure tray-picture; or doubleclick for desktop F-Secure logo);

    - switch from "AV"-tab to "Tools"-tab (left-side panel o UI);

    - under "Tools"-tab should be visible button "Allowed&Denied sites" (third logo of first line, by default);


    When you choose it and allow UAC -> should be possible to allow/block websites under related lists.


    // also it should be possible to trigger "allow"-action from blockpage.

    and possible to open "Main UI - Settings under this first tab - switch to Browsing Protection settings - choose 'show exclusions for websites' at the bottom".



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