Feedback: Works well but doesn't introduce any unique features


The software seems to work well on Windows 10, but where are the unique features that we can't get anywhere else? Over the past few months I have tried out a large number of security programs out there and I think that there are some features and/or trends that are worth looking into. Here is some general feedback based on what I have come across:

Allowing/denying websites based on URL instead of IP is a great feature that is not often available with other software out there. However, this feature is not as useful where it doesn't help you to keep track of what URLs your apps are accessing in the background, their rating, and then an easy way to block and/or monitor the top 5 or 10 offenders as necessary. That said, maintaining, verifying, and testing blocked/allowed URLs is a very time consuming task which only gets worse when you have to check your home router's firewall, windows firewall, f-secure's allow/block list, your local HOSTS file, as well as publicDNS services which block by category and by manual entry. To make matters more complicated, on a laptop or a mobile device that may use a VPN to protect hotspot connections, and you may see how difficult things can get.

I can only think of one security suite out there that comes with built-in tools to help you troubleshoot where a given network issue is coming from. There are also a lot of very useful utilities out there which really should be implemented in a security suite or as plugins.


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    Thanks for your feedback. Your most of your suggestions are on our backlog, but have not been prioritized high for now. We'll see what the future brings.



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