For clarity sake... on public wifi can the sites I visit be seen?

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For clarity sake; on public wifi can any of the people below see which HTTP or HTTPS sites I visit when using Freedome? I realise they can't see data transmitted, but do they know where I'm going?


  • The Wi-Fi router/operator;
  • The ISP;
  • Actors between the ISP and the server’s ISP; or
  • The server’s ISP




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    Sorry for my reply. Good to read normal advices or suggestions from more experienced users (than read my reply).


    But just as some of my own potential feelings about general view (and subscribing to topic):


    --> maybe it can be based on certain configuration with each step.

    for example, by 'the ISP' - did you mean certain virtual location server (?!). which can be compromised (?!).


    --> and also based on what is marked as 'see'

    For example, it can be encrypted data (or certain formatted  data; or 'aliases') with information about 'which HTTP or HTTPS sites'.


    Common answer, most likely, that such information should not be visible during VPN connection. Since VPN can be with 'proxy'-feature design and bypass some potential block/restriction-rules.  And it should not be available -> if your concern's points possible to 'see'.

    Where visible only 'VPN-traffic'. And communications (?! even opening websites) can be under secured tunnel. And things like IP/DNS-servers from virtual location.


    I'm also able to suspect that can be some sort of misconfiguration or additional tools under certain stage with certain situations. Since powerful abilities of VPN, time to time, unexpectedly used by some rogue activities -> maybe there can be some steps to find concern's information (as prevention for 'rogue'-impact).


    But I'm totally not experienced user about VPN-technologies (and so). And I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solution) -> so I'm not sure about certain view for Freedome VPN. Maybe some concerns covered under their Knowledgebase.



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