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F-Secure shows that the protection is on but the green notification bar does not appear on the top of the screen when I access the required site. This has only just started to happen. I am running Windows 10 and Google. Can anyone help?



  • Ukko
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    Maybe good to know points like:


    --> what did you mean by 'F-Secure shows that the protection is on'?

    Does it Main UI of F-Secure? Or some pages are blocked during Banking Protection session by related blockpage?


    Good to re-check points like:


    --> your website is still valid website. It opened under HTTPS; before try to open required website - system was with work status some minutes (more than five as example).

    and that Banking Protection is enabled under settings:


    --> for example, does Banking Protection flyer is not visible during try to open


    --> // and, yes, you wrote that your experience about Google Chrome. But, for example, does it work with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (?!).



  • Alhama
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    Thanks for your reply.

    It is  Google that I am using, and the notification does not appear in either Opera or Edge.

    When I open the F-Secure 'app' the Browsing Protection' page shows that the protection is on/enabled and that I am fully protected.

    The banking website that I am visiting is still valid and operational.

    The notification does not show when I visited nordea.

  • Ukko
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    Thanks for your answer.


    Just as clarification:


    --> Does it possible to see that 'Banking Protection' is ON:

    - open the F-Secure app (Main UI) - where possible to see status "Fully protected";

    - choose "Settings"-button and under this window -> switch to "Banking Protection" tab.

    - where should be 'ON"-status at the top corner side.


    And other potential suggestion -> does it possible to understand if there any proxy under your network setting? Like does there was any changes for network configuration (or related things) for this device?


    Also available option is to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):

    it can be useful for certified advices and investigation.



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