Linux support

jylipaa Posts: 1 New Member

I think this is a feature that is requested regular basis and at least earlier, F-secure has decided to postpone and rethink it if more requests appear.


Would it now be time to build Linux client for F-secure Key?


  • Poopsy
    Poopsy Posts: 1 New Member

    it's almost 2019 - how is there still no linux option? 

  • AgenttiX
    AgenttiX Posts: 2 New Member

    Since there now is a distribution-agnostic universal package manager for GNU/Linux called Snappy which is widely used for commercial software such as Spotify, Skype, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Visual Studio Code and PyCharm, the argument about market fragmentation that F-Secure has been using no longer applies for Key. Please create GNU/Linux versions of your software, as this has a huge impact on the recommendations IT professionals give to average users and enables more users to switch to a more secure platform.