FS Protection for Android crashes multiple times a day

App version: 17.1.9013693 FS_PROT


Since last upgrade, it keeps crashing. Usually crash happens when opening some app e.g. Facebook or Chrome but it also crashes 'on its own'. 


I've sent multiple feedback reports via Android's feedback feature, system logs were included so please check those. 


My phone is Sony Xperia Z5 compact (E5823) running latest Android (7.1.1, security patch 1 September 2017) for this device. 


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  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,218 Superuser



    Just as my own feedback: I also with such experience.

    Even my Android device is pretty outdated and with not nice configuration.


    My feelings was about Application control feature (and daily limits) and/or kind of sync about it - but does your experience also about 'kids profile' or your installation with main profile (and those -> reason for such crashes is something else)?


    // I'm only F-Secure user too.



  • kimtokimto Posts: 10
    I'm using my phone as the main user, application/parental controls are not in use. My wife is experiencing same problem, she has similar phone as I do and also using FS Protection as the main user.
  • kimtokimto Posts: 10

    Noticed the upgrade, I updated last evening. So far so good, no crashes since that. 


    Fingers crossed :)

  • kimtokimto Posts: 10
    Looks like the upgrade fixed the problem \o/ Case closed.
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