Turn off windows defender in windows 10 creator update

i found this information on how to turn windows defender off will it work on windows 10 creator update?



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    Sorry for my reply.

    Not concerned "turn off Windows Defender"-steps or potential article.... but just kind of ask:


    -- does it should be useful for certain view?

    For example, Windows Defender is disabled after F-Secure installation. And stay with such status while F-Secure security solution is active;

    Does your experience about some troubles with Windows Defender? Or what kind of reasons required for "turn off".


    -- for example, if it work on Windows 10 Creator Update and Windows Defender will be with "turn off"-status. Does it should be enough with tweaks? Since, except Windows Defender, OS with much more abilities or tools. Also concern should be already about 'next' Creator update.


    Or your topic about some other meanings? Sorry did not check 'this information'.

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