Hi all

My full scan is telling me there is a threat from but it is unable to quarantine it or removal it, any help would be appriciated.




  • Ukko
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    Probably good to know path/destination of this item.


    Then possible potential steps like:

    --> to remove manually this file or 'container with this file'; if it not a critical file;

    --> maybe to re-check system/browsers about addons-extension-applications as potential src for this file.

    --> re-check if any suspicious websites 'in use' (kind of src for this item);


    Generally, most likely it can be under cache of browser (or temporary files); Maybe not possible to remove/quarantine it - because file is locked by processes; or only temporary item (and removed already). But can be different points (good to know your OS/platform).


    F-Secure description for this detection (?!):



  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    Possible to be careful some days (as doublecheck) - if it was not clear about 'why this item was under system'.

    Also maybe possible to run some well-known on-demand scanners by well-known companies. As Malwarebytes do provide some tools; or HitmanPro with abilities to run scan (as trial-time or one-time scan).  But good to be sure about all of this steps.

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