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pete11 Posts: 3 New Member

someone is tracking my game through IP add and crashing it so i was wondering will this hide add or do i have to turn something on. Ive tried joining a few games with freedome on but it say player name connected from GB i want that to be connected from ??


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    Hi pete11,


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    We have had old posts about using Freedome with Steam here and here. It is noted in those posts that most likely, they are using restrictions to block the access from VPN's.

  • pete11
    pete11 Posts: 3 New Member

    hi thats no help ive got freedome running fine with steam its just someone is tracking my games and then crashing them i just wanted to know if they can still track me with vpn on?

  • pete11
    pete11 Posts: 3 New Member

    cheers for that i guess they cant crash me then as game is online lol sorry if this sounds silly ive no idea how any of this works :)

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