FS Protection PC Release 204

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:

  • Common Component Framework 3.04.147 
  • Antivirus 17.204.106
  • Browsing protection 2.204.7103

Removed features:

  • DNS checker has been removed.

Fixed issues:


  • High DPI support for various UI elements (CTS-100171)


  • Help content is not available: Deepguard (SAFE_BUG-01996, CTS-100088)

Browsing Protection:

  • Banking stop working (CTS-100076)
  • Banking protection banner´s bottom edge disappears in hide mode (CTS-100163)


  • Ukko
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    Thanks for the release.

    Just interesting:

    ""DNS checker has been removed."" because it was useless or will be covered by some other layers later?


    Just as feedback:

    Fresh colors/pictures under Recent events (at least, with Windows 10) looks interesting!


    Just as ask:

    Does releases (or stable releases) will be still marked as '17.num'/'18.num'/so on; Or there changes after modifiying About-view?



  • Simon
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    All looking good, and installed on Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines without issues.

  • Ville
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    DNS checker had some limitations and usability issues. We have removed it while we evaluate the concept again. It will most likely return in some other format.


    The TP releases will now show the TP number. When we release to production, it will show the production release number (17.x, 18.x, etc). Production release numbers will not be visible in beta.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • betoche
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    Hi, whats up?two months ago submitted more than 5 bugs from the beta-portal but not even one reply from  f-secure!

  • Ukko
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    two months ago submitted more than 5 bugs from the beta-portal but not even one reply from  f-secure!

    Except another potential explanations (or another reasons):


    It also possible if you did not choose 'Area' (The area where the bug was found) during 'Submit a Bug Report';

    Possible to choose "My FS Protection-portal", "Windows", "Android", "Mac", "iOS" clients -- one of them (or all of them; or some of them). Most likely, possible to choose wrong category and then report can be re-directed to related Team anyway. But not sure about situation 'if you do not choose any area'.


    As my own try to re-check such setting (do not choose 'Area') -> I did test-report SAFE_BUG-01814 (

    5 Months ago -> 20.06.2017) with unrelated concern to beta-program (but related with F-Secure directly - because other places for report/ask was not useful). So, it still valid concern and report with status 'New' and 'not one reply about report'.
    Before/after this test-meanings-report -> I did some reports and all of them (as I able to think) with responses from F-Secure Teams.
    Mainly, my experience about Windows, My FS Protection-portal, Android and Windows Phone areas.
    Where is 'Windows'-clients reports with responses on potential daily-basis; My FS Protection-portal also on potential daily-basis responses; Android-client report's with potential responses on weekly-basis; With Windows Phone reports was delays (time to time) close to monthly-basis. With meanings -> that most of 'fresh' reports about certain area can be with response per one day (even such response can be with delay between 'date of report creating' and 'F-Secure response date').
    Maybe some of reports with requirements for more checks/research/validations before any kind of response. OR maybe based on certain area (for example, I'm not sure about design with iOS and Mac areas). Also good to know status of report - I with experience when it can be with switch for status (to "Closed", for example) - but no visible responses there (in fact, troubleconcern is fixed later).
    So, sorry for my long feedback-reply. I just able to suspect that my test-report for meanings still with 'no responses' and fresh status based on 'ignore'-state for area.
    Does it possible to re-check with your own experience? Did you choose "Area" for those five reports under beta-portal? If not -> maybe this is not good design, but can be potential explanation for 'why there is still no responses'.
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