F-Secure Deep Guard blocks PES 2018 online play



I had a problem for weeks as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 suddenly stopped working online and displayed only error messages. I tried to solve it with Konami support work few weeks but we got nowhere. But now I just saw the solution posted on Steam PES 2018 discussion forum: the solution is to include PES2018.exe into F-Secure Deep Guard's excluded list. Once I did that the online gaming started to work again.


I suggest F-Secure checks out why PES2018.exe is blocked as it seems to cause problems to online gamers.


Here is the discussion forum on Steam on this topic:







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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


    Possible to boost up situation with F-Secure SAS:

    F-Secure Labs able to re-check "PES2018.exe" (or/and perform addition-steps). If it possible to transfer this executable to them with more description.

    How I can to understand -> not visible any DeepGuard prompts or even notification? If yes:

    I suggest F-Secure checks out why PES2018.exe is blocked as it seems to cause problems to online gamers.

    I able to think that PES2018.exe is not blocked. But hooked (or injected) for analysis at launch. And such step will trigger MAYBE game's (or steam's) own 'integrity'-design (as protection against cheats or other things). as result  -> broken state and trouble with launch/start online.

    OR good to known what version of F-Secure installed (just as information). Maybe DeepGuard block certain network connection or activities by this application (or even not a DeepGuard -> because with latest F-Secure builds - there is common exclusion list for AV/DeepGuard module).


    So, even I also able to think that F-Secure should checks something. Maybe good to re-sure what is trouble. Possible to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):




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