PROBLEM renewing SAFE which has expired on to iPad (virgin media renewal)


Just realised my F-Secure had expired and tried to renew by hitting renew now &continue but it just keeps taking me through to blank white screen with a message bar across the top saying it was F-Secure on the left hand side of the screen and shopping cart on the right side but nothing then happens.  It won’t open shopping cart or anything.  Tried calling them but it says their offices are closed Saturday and Sunday which is no good if something goes wrong over the weekend like this.  Any ideas what I should do?


  • Jsnewby
    Jsnewby Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks Simon that definitely worked.  My default browser was google and I changed it and it work so I’m all secure again.  Thank you again.


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Cool!  Good to hear.  

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