Please make updating more manual controllable!


One thing I cannot stand is when starting up my PC, it is getting blocked because some software thinks is 'clever' to update itself. That just happened to me by F-Secure.


I do not know what it exactly did, updating its software or updating its virus library. But anyway, it blocked me for MINUTES with a rattling hard disk. And there is no setting in F-Secure to control that.


What I want is a setting that lets gives me the opportunity to CHOOSE if I want to install at that moment. Just REPORT me there is an update and let me decide. COMMON practice in the software world. I particularly want that if there is any large update, like of the software.


  • Ukko
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    With my own experience: F-Secure with some delays/postponed actions about some updates.

    Maybe for preventing such troubles with performance or usage resources.


    I able to think that if your experience was about too much critical view and result. Possible to contact direct F-Secure Support channels (as direct feedback about certain trouble). Because will be possible to see what kind of updates was a reason there.



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