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just done a full computer scan and found 12 harmful itemsbut they have not been removed only skipped can anyone tell me why?



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    In short:


    --> items may be part of another file; OR packed/zipped/archived/compressed file.

    With meanings that F-Secure do not able to clean up file (because possible to remove only full file - but it's not an option while other 'files' under such container are good).

    ALSO items can be located under protected folder or drive where not possible to write (read-only).

    OR locked files/temporary files.


    But all of this points should be visible under Scan Wizard. As explanation or tooltip.


    --> good to know - what kind of detections there and path to file for proper advice (if it do not contain your critical information).

    OR maybe your experience about "remove"-option.. but in fact -> items are skipped? With such situation: maybe something goes wrong (tricky file or if it was temporary file and already does not exist).


    Also as quote from this reply:

    It is true that our security software under some circumstances will not remove infected files, they will however do no more harm than wasting your disk space. And of course cause additional virus warnings whenever you or a system process is accessing that file.
    Reasons for _not_ deleting an infected file can be:
    1)      We deliberately do not remove the file because it is an important system file and removing it would render your computer unusable. Naturally also in those cases we prevent the malware embedded in those files from causing any harm your system or your data, so you will be protected despite the frequent virus warning you will get in this case (whenever the infected file is executed, or otherwise accessed)
    2)      The file is inside an archive. In that case we would have to delete the complete archive to remove it, including all clean files therein.
    3)      The file is a temporary file created by an application, like browser downloads in progress, network streams and similar. Those files are usually locked by the application creating them, which means they cannot be opened or executed to do their damage, but also not deleted by an Antivirus at that point. Those files are then either replaced with a permanent version or automatically discarded when the process is finished.

    Also can be an option to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example):



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