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got a message from F-secure that is was time to refresh my anti-virus so i got a new key but when i try to enter it it says check if its correct, i got a pdf and the payment went through but i did not get a email. i would need help to resovle this problem...


  • Ukko
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    This concern should be possible to sort out with direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):

    chat is available on current minute;

    As my own unofficial suggestions:


    --> Did you try to 're-type' license-key (and not 'copy it')? As potential trouble with 'copied' license-key (more characters/or something else).

    --> Did you refresh your F-Secure solution with meanings - that your fresh license-key still about your solution (like F-Secure AV/F-Secure IS) and that 'letter from F-Secure" was not about another more up-to-date F-Secure solution (like F-Secure SAFE) with certain promo/discount or just as 'upgrade' your subscription solution? Does it visible under 'letter from F-Secure' or payment information?

    So, good to known what is your F-Secure solution (F-Secure AV, F-Secure Internet Security, F-Secure SAFE or something else?).

    --> Potential double check that 'letter from F-Secure' from F-Secure. If you did not mean notification or reminder under F-Secure software directly.

    --> Potentially possible that fresh license-key too much 'fresh' and possible to activate it.. for example... with next day only.



  • Thanks for quick response!

    i did try to manualy enter my key but still did not work i also attemted to reinstall the program, i got a e-mail when you responed now so that is working atleast. 

  • Ukko
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    If you did not mean that situation is sorted (because -> probably your words with meanings that 'mail-notifiticatin about community activities' received by you; and not about 'that subscription-related letter received finally'):

    I able to think that if after some time/hours your fresh license-key will be still with 'stuck'-status (as 'wrong'-key during input it) -> most speedy step to sort it -> direct F-Secure Support channels (chat as example). Because Support with certified abilities and knowledge about.


    Also if will be required help under community -> maybe good to known what is your F-Secure solution:

    If your experience about F-Secure AV or F-Secure IS (steps about F-Secure SAFE also valid for AV/IS). It can be useful - because can be different potential troubles or workarounds.

    And where your tried to input license-key -- platform/system (OS). For example, if there is system-based trouble.


    Currently, I able to think that can be many different reasons/explanation. And good start from something as recheck that license-key is valid (and possible to activate it already), license-key is supposed to your F-Secure solution/software (where you tried it to input). This things known for official F-Secure Staff (and their Support) and I'm also only user of F-Secure software (not a F-Secure staff). So, my replies only as unofficial suggestions and tries to help.



  • Thanks for all the imformation got the e-mails and evrything now and will contact support about getting this sorted out tomorrow.

  • Laksh
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    Hi John-B97,


    As Ukko has suggested, you may contact our support for getting the subscription checked.


    However, if you would like to get any further help, please let us know the following:

    1. F-Secure Product installed on your computer - is it F-Secure Internet Security or F-Secure Anti-Virus?

    2. Is the license renewed for the same product as in your computer?


    Our support team may also be able to check your subscription details immediately and guide you further.

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