Received "Your FREEDOME VPN subscription expires soon" email, but after paying I can't enter the cod

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I received an email titled "Your FREEDOME VPN subscription expires soon" so I bought a new subscription, but now I can't enter it anywhere in the app. The Subscription page shows "Valid until February 20, 2018" and has no option to enter the code. Apparently my subscription is ending "soon" according to F-Secure marketing but not according to the app itself?


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    This points possible to clarify with direct F-Secure Support Channels (Chat/phone):

    chat is available on current minute.

    As some unofficial suggestions/feelings and potential meanings:


    -- good to re-check that mail-letter was 'valid' and not a "scam/rogue".

    -- maybe it will be possible to "enter/activate" license-code when it will be more close to expire-state (or after expiration date).  and 'license-time' is not activated before code-activation.

    -- maybe it was 'soon' with meanings that they also do offer some kind of promo/discount already.

    -- mail is mistake about other potential your Freedome account/subscription (if such possible).


    But most useful step is F-Secure Support Channels (Chat/phone) - and they able to re-check your license/subscription information. And also clarification for mail-reminder as 'does it indeed "soon"'.



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    Hi _jks,


    May I know the below details in addition to what Ukko has commented?

    1. In which device did you renew the Freedome subscription?

    2. Did you renew it via the app store or via F-Secure directly?

    3. In how many devices are you using Freedome currently?

    4. Are you still getting new email about your subscription expiry after the renewal?


    In short, if you have renewed the subscription via the app store, App store subscriptions are limited to one operating system, but are valid on all your devices connected to the same user account, for example your Google Play account or Apple ID.


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