Browsing Protection slows down Firefox after updating the browser to 56.0.2 version


I've been exeperiencing problems with Firefox when F-Secure Browsing protection is enabled after Firefox updated to the newest version (56.0.2). The browser opens slowly, frequently becomes unresponsive and eats up to 90% of memory (from the 8 GB RAM total). When I disable the F-Secure extension and launch the browser again, the browser behavior goes back to normal. I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit, and relevant extra info related to the issue might be that I'm opening Firefox with quite large amount of tabs (appr. 250-300). I didn't experience the issue before the Firefox update.


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    Your pseudoname seems to be Finnish.
    If you understand language, there is on Finnish forum case conserning releasing a new Firefox 57 release.
    Headline: F-Secure selainlaajennus ja Firefox 57
    What do you mean by "tabs"? Keyboard? Or apps= applications? Or what?

    With greetings

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    yeah, I noticed that thread (you guessed right, I'm Finnish :) ), but I wasn't sure if these were related or not, as my problem concerns Firefox version 56.0.2. But yeah, now that I checked that again, the timeline of Browsing Protection update matches to the problems with Firefox, and the extension in my browser seems to have been updated on Nov 1st too. So it might be that the updated version of the extension doesn't work well with the older Firefox version... I kinda assumed that the update would have been done in a way that it doesn't mess up the older versions, as the new Firefox version is not out yet.


    ("Tabs" = "välilehdet" in Finnish)

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    More info about Firefox updates you can ask from F-S customer service.

    F-Secure customer service, and here is Finnish contact information:
    ma-pe klo 8.00-18.00
    ☎ 09-2520 5050

    toivoo Näsäviisas
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