Harmful Items Found --- But Not Cleaned

Hi Everyone,

I am a relative newcomer to F-Secure Anti-virus and, having just run a Full manual scan, was a bit surprised when, on receiving a message that Four Harmful Files had been found, (a) there appeared to be no way of quaranting them, and (b) when I chose the only option available, I received a message telling me that no files had been cleaned.

The files in question were of the Gen:Variant.Symmi.48025 type, according to the scan report, and were present in Microsoft's Hotmail *.OST files.


Can anyone shed any light on either what is missing, or where I should be looking to destroy or quarantine the files, please.


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    Possible to read topic with related concerns:


    In short (and as my own potential unofficial suggestions):


    -> .OST file is something as container/archive/database (as zipped/packed file); Not one mail-letter under such file.

    Because F-Secure do not able to provide proper cleaning file with your situation (except delete/remove/quarantine full .ost file - what do affect safe and good mail-letters too - so F-Secure do not provide such options) - required manual steps.


    -> maybe this items are attachments (maybe indeed malicious and harmful). Or something else under content of mail-letter (scripts if possible). Also likely that it can be under your trash/junk/spam folder. With such situation can be enough to clear/delete/remove all not required lettes (as clean up for spam/trash folders).


    -> also good to know does your experience about 'four' different items (or all of them pinned to one  - if it possible to see under scan-report logs). Maybe will be required to handle only one 'rogue' mail-letter.

    Potentially, such static detection is not too much critical. Can be trouble after launch/open/activate such items.


    -> I'm not friendly with this applications (and their databases .ost/.pst and so on)... so I able to suggest only to look for noted topics (where user's feedback and steps can be helpful for you).


    Also this detection-name is generic. Time to time generic detection can be about 'false positive' (but not so likely).  If required some help/advices/tips - back with reply (even after your own actions) - maybe someone more experienced with abilities to provide useful words.


    Sorry for my worst English!





  • IanGIanG Posts: 2

    Hi Ukko,

    Many thanks for your descriptive response to my problem.

    Your explanation illustrates precisely the reason I was receiving such messages, despite nothing being cleaned --- Your response is very logical and understandable too, thank you.


    Your use of English is better than that used by many for whom it is their first language, so be proud of your ability.


    Kind regards,




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