Harmful web site http://www.youtube.com/ blocked


Yesterday the computer using F-Secure SAFE blocked www.youtube.com


Today the computers using F-Secure Internet Security blocked www.youtube.com


I tried to ping www.youtube.com to see if it was DNS hijack, the IP belongs to Google. I used Google Chrome and type m.youtube.com which I bypassed the block. But I cannot bypass the block using IE.


What is going on?




  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    Looks like that my installation do not rate this URL as harmful.


    Does your experience still about such view?

    If not - maybe it was temporary false positive detection (since even someone as Quttera(?!) do mark URL as malicious too).

    If yes - maybe can be some other suggestions.



  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser
    Hello Nevertheless

    I can log in https://www.youtube.com, but I used the address with +s = https.
    Does it matter?
    Was it so, that you were watching a certain video, when harmful comment appeared?
    Or did you intend to begin watching? Perhaps some video is harmful.
    And youtube-application is ok.

    My thoughts,
  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas Posts: 784 Superuser

    I can log into youtube, but I used website address in form:
    https (with s).
    I don't know, does it matter.
    When the harmful comment appeared?
    Did you Nevertheless watch video or going to watch?
    Logging in? Perhaps a certain video is harmful, not youtube.
    Or temporary disorder, as Ukko mentioned.

    My thoughts,
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