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Do yu stand behind the F-secure products provided by the Aptoide app store?


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    @ThGut2 wrote:

    Do yu stand behind the F-secure products provided by the Aptoide app store?



    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions) and not an official F-Secure Staff.

    So, only unofficial own feelings:


    Did you talk about it:


    And there was related topic (with 'ignore'-status about any responses):


    And if yes -> maybe good to clarify:


    --> Did you mean that F-Secure do provide their application to this service officially?

    --> Or did you mean that some of applications with "F-Secure" name are indeed designed/developed by F-Secure company?


    I able to think that, at least, large part of available applications based on F-Secure own applications (they do provide Android applications with such view). Like "F-Secure Key", "F-Secure SAFE", "F-Secure Mobile Security", "F-Secure Application Permissions" and so on -> is or was real F-Secure android applications (based on name/description/build-number).

    And I'm not sure how this service works. I able to think that it can be 'links/shortcuts' to official application which will be downloaded by their (third-party service) application. As 'friendly' helper (while it possible to get 'official' .apk by other steps and install it under your own device).


    Or maybe they do provide bundled applications (with modifications).


    Based on website -> I able to think that 'any' user able to place 'any' application under it (as under his own 'store'). And I'm not sure if F-Secure do provide it officially (?!).


    And if SailfishOS do use this appstore -> previous official statement about SailfishOS and F-Secure Key was next:


    Also possible to re-check some unofficial feelings about Windows Phone (partly valid for SailfishOS, ChromeOS, Linux and so on):


    I able to think that an option -> to contact F-Secure Support Channels (Chat/phone) and ask about this situation:


    Or maybe it possible to ask Support/Team of this appstore about such concern (does they provide official applications or there is something what should be known).



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    Thanks for your links and advice. I am going to get in touch by phone as you proposed (the chat people considered my question as being out of their area).

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    Ok - thanks for your answer.


    I venture to say that it would be greatly appreciated by a not insignificant number of users if you would initiate a working relationship with the Sailfish people (you will find them at a location near you :).

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