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Hi, I have always had Banking Protection disabled and never had problem.  All of a sudden, banking protection re-activated itself so fine, I went the the UI and disabled it again but it doesn't disable itself.  I disable it over and over again and it just stays on.  Anyone know what's going on? Do I have to uninstall/reinstall the program for it to work correctly?  Thank you.


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    Sounds strange.


    But good to known more information maybe:


    --> For example, build/version of F-Secure solution:



    --> And clarification of steps: you opened UI - then Banking Protection Settings - switch it OFF by toggle - close window by OK (or so) -- repeat first steps and Banking Protection with "ON" status anyway? Or when you tried to switch it OFF - not possible to do it?


    It can be known trouble for previous builds; Or maybe something else (basically can be different reasons for such). I'm also only F-Secure user (and not F-Secure staff) - so can be just unofficial suggestions.

    And just as example -> does it possible to switch off any other modules/parts (as one-time temporary check)? Like if trouble only with "Banking Protection" or with other settings too?



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