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I have been using Internet Security for some years now, without any problems. Suddenly one day I received a message in windows 7 action center that I had to activate F-secure. I klicked it and nothong happened. I couldn't open F-secure at all, so I uninstalled it. I downloaded f-secure SAFE trial (free), and tried to install it. Then I received a message that it can't be installed because it's not compatible with 64 bit windows. I have also tried to install my old f-secure internet security with the same result? So now I have no protection at all. What can I do??



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    Sorry for my ask.


    Does your experience about official installers from F-Secure websites/pages?

    Like this ones:


    Or maybe possible to add screenshot about such notification (about compatibility-state)? Or more description for it? Probably sounds as something wrong with system or installer-files (like something do block it as another security solutions; Or something else, but good to know - if other files are launched good).



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