Firefox 11.0

Can you tell me is the new version Firefox 11.0 supported by 2012 Internet security.


  • I'm running Firefox 11.0 on Win7 64-Bit and FIS 2012 (Online Savety 1.49 Build 30982) installed.

    The Browser Protection version 2.0.0 build 11106 is installed and running.


  • RonaldRonald Posts: 3

    Yes I have the update build 1.49 but my browser protection version is 2.0 build 20386 how do I get your version of 11106. 

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469

    Firefox 11 is already out?

  • beikerbeiker Posts: 33

    I just checked their site. It's really out already.

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser


    Yes FF11 is out and Borowsing Protection works.

    My system is XPsp3 and BP is

    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5683
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039


    Please keep in mind that the build number of BP depends on OS, version (64 or 32 Bit) and browser.


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