DNS_Probe_Finished_no_internet in your PC

Here is how to fix DNS_Probe_Finished_no_internet in your PC

1- Go to network Connections

2- Right Click on Local area Connection (Ethernet) . If you are connected to wi-fi, then right click on wi-fi.

3- Click on Properties

4- Select properties located below, to open and view network properties.

5-Select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the available list, and click on Properties at the bottom right of the window.

6- In the now open window, select and view the General Tab.

7- Under the general tab, Toggle the second option that states Use the following DNS server addresses.

8- Now enter the following Addresses in their designated locations.

Preferred server:—>>

Alternate server:—>>

9- Check the box that says Validate settings upon exit.

10- You can now click Ok to exit the window.

Source:- http://merabheja.com/fix-dns-error-dns_probe_finished_no_internet/

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