false avast

hello I come to discover that avast has installed itself without is I suposse it's a fake avast but f-secure safe do not recoven like a virrus what to do in this case.

I just install BitTorrent in the 24 hours before fake avast but if nothing else that can tell me or know.



  • I downloaded bittorrent on bittorrent.com so I did not install a software with a bitterstrit client so I do not see anything else but I disintended avast and bittorrent.

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    I able to think that maybe Bittorrent installer was with certain bundle (offer) during installation steps.


    For example, I randomly found analysis for uTorrent-installer (under one of websites like virustotal.com) where was visible that during installation it was pre-configured about offer for Lavasoft (?!), where Bittorent as partner. Since Lavasoft company (at least previously) also about security solutions -> maybe your experience was about Bittorrent/Avast friendship.


    If it was not possible to uncheck such option (installing 'Avast') or Bittorent do not explain it good --> maybe possible to transfer this installer to F-Secure SAS:



    Because F-Secure Labs with certain policy about Potential Unwanted Applications:




  • after an audit on my part it comes well the installer is can disable the instalation of avast
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    @crashvirus wrote:
    after an audit on my part it comes well the installer is can disable the instalation of avast

    Sounds good!


    But my reply probably it not solution. Because this reply:


    more valid for solution (described 'potential' reasons and 'potential' fix steps).


    My reply only about addition feelings.

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