VPN through Finland, Espoo cuts down bandwidth by 90%, is there a problem with servers?

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I live in Finland, and never had any problems with the Finnish connection point.  Yesterday a stream I was watching started lagging and I pinpointed the problem to Freedome's Finnish connection point. Without Freedome on, my bandwidth is about 100Mbps, while connected to Espoo, about 5 Mbps, and when I connect to Sweden it is about 65Mbps. Is there anything you could do to help me with this? I have used Freedome for 1.5 years and never had this problem before.


Edit: I am using Windows 10.


  • Hei

    I don't know about server problems,
    but my Freedome connection works fine to Espoo.
    Have you tested WI-FI/Mobiledata?
    Have you done lately updates, for example Windows?
    Snowstorm is coming to Finland, bad weather> problems?
    Perhaps only temporary slowness.


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    Hi ripsquad,


    We are aware of the capacity issues in Finland location. We are working on adding more capacity in that location.

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