FS blocking should be a responsible process


It appears that FS browsing protection merely blocks a site to an FS user. 

1. There should be more detail to the FS user.

2. The site should receive a notification that they are being blocked, and exactly why.

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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (not an official F-Secure staff or something like this).


    I able to think that such things can be useful and helpful, but... do you mean that it should be with meanings like:


    --> F-Secure should  to create a notification to malicious (and their developers) websites/domains with attention, about reasons and how to fix it? Such as that they do malicious things (if they do not know it).

    Or do you mean that such notification is for hoster or something like this?

    Also does it should be by mail-letter (where it possible to get for all of websites/domains)? Or as feedback under website (if they do provide reply form). Or some other steps to inform website?


    --> What kind of "more information" can be good for user? Certain timestamp of 'harmful'-rating? Certain malware which possible to download from this domain? Should it be limited to some count?

    Or all potential relations between domain and malicious/suspicious activities?

    Probably more information is good and important (so, some services do provide this and it's part of their design), but with F-Secure .... it's more nice when we talk about false-positive blocks.

    With such situation (if you're suspect that there is false-positive and wrong harmful/suspicious-rating) possible to use F-Secure SAS (F-Secure Labs):


    As ask for re-rate and some feedback.


    And if we talk about indeed harmful/malicious websites -> probably good to know only that website is blocked and user able to be with safe-status for system. Or just enough such information.


    But -> good if possible to provide more examples of meanings. What if F-Secure do create some improve-steps for this features. Sounds good and can be interesting.



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