Connecting - reoccurring very often.

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I have noticed since a while ago the service this VPN should cover seem to be under all critism. It is for some reason disconnecting the service as it is connecting again and tells me it is now connected, even though it was connected and I have not told it to be otherwise. Somehow this must be solved immediately - I cannot see why anyone should pay for the  service otherwise. I mean I pay for it to work properly not otherwise. Please explain why this is happening and how I can repair the damages it has caused by not working properly. How will I be compensated?


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    For proper investigation and certified can be useful to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):


    As my own unofficial suggestions (I'm also only F-Secure user; their home solutions):


    -- Good to know points like:

    - what platform with your experience (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)?

    - does this happens with any of devices (if Freedome installed with some of them)?

    - does it happens with any networks (Wi-Fi, Ethernet-cable, Mobile, some locations)?


    -- If you noticed that "Freedome" do not create any words that "VPN connection is off/disabled/disconnected" --> maybe trouble based on point that your own network (by Ethernet/Wi-Fi to your device) is disconnected and as result Freedome connection is 'dropped' too (even still with try to be connected);

    When your 'own network' is reconnected -> Freedome will state that 'VPN is connected' too (which most likely expected step).



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