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Do you have any plan to add some bonus features? like a sandbox?or more features like a HIPS?
F-Secure using the win firewall which I dont like it.
At least design smth to scan connections or destination IPs with an IP Reputation Service.


  • Cale
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    Thanks for your feature requests.


    Our product already uses sandbox (part of Virus protection), HIPS (part of DeepGuard) and scans connections/destination IPs with reputation service (part of Browsing protection/Security Cloud).


    Windows Firewall is actually pretty decent. Read for example this test:



    Here's a snipped:

    "This test indicates that half of the security vendors are actually charging more money for a product that may provide significantly less security in some situations, and that users would do better to buy the simple antivirus program and rely on Windows Firewall to prevent unauthorised intrusion. We note that a number of major vendors are nowadays not including their own firewalls in their security suites, but relying on Windows Firewall instead, as this provides suitable protection and is easy to configure."



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    I must admit that many people request a 3rd party fwall because windows one has a repelling gui which requests some efforts from the user, I suggest the F-S team to communicate more on that point.

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