"Your computer is not protected" still have 100 days on my protection.




Last night some time after my country entered on day light saving time my computer just became "not protected", the weird part is that I still have about 100 days of protection on my SAFE plan. I've removed the license and uninstalled and reinstalled the product without success. It still "not protected".


anything I can do about it?


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    Your situation sounds strange!


    If your experience was about 'uninstalling' F-Secure SAFE from system -- restart -- fresh installing for F-Secure SAFE (with freshly 'downloaded' installer from portal; OR with 'set up' for getting license during installation) and when 'F-Secure SAFE installed' -> status switched to ""Your computer is not protected"" (with reason as "expired"-subscription). And after some minutes/hours still stuck.... I able to suggest to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (Chat/phone):



    But also good to know:


    --> What platform (Windows/Mac/Android?!); I able to suspect "Windows".

    --> Does your experience about certain 'switch' to troublestate with certain 'timestamp' (as 'time-change' minute)?

    --> Under My F-Secure Account portal -> does there visible something about 'this device/installation' (OK-status or some another information?!)


    It possible to perform "common Uninstalling F-Secure SAFE" -> then to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool -> then clean installation F-Secure SAFE.



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