Outlook 2007 pst file with hidden Trojan horse in attachment - Code did not work

Hi NiKk,


Thank you for your post with the code.


I have followed all your steps but unfortunately, the MVB came back with a run time error with the following message:


Run-time error '5':

Invalid procedure call or argument


When I de-bug the error it is in relation to the following code line:


stream.WriteLine txt


This is in the last section of coding under "Sub WriteToLog (ByRef txt As String).


Unfortunately, my understnading of code is very limited and I cannot resolve this issue on my own.  Please can you jelp?


Many thanks,



  • Laksh
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    Hi Chris,


    Could you please explain which F-Secure product are you using? Did you run the scan using our F-Secure product?

  • Hi,


    Thanks for your reply.  I am not using any F-Secure product.  Maybe this is the reason for why it is not working.


    I'm just trawling the internet in search for a solution to my problem in outlook 2007.


    Essentially there is a trojan horse embedded in an email attachement somewhere in the vast catalogue of old emails I have received over the last 5 years.


    I was hoping that the coding that Nikk put up on here would do the trick in consolodating all my email attachments into a folder on the desktop so that I could locate the trojan horse and remove it.


    It appears as though I need to be a paying customer of your services in order for it to work, though. 


    Please can you let me know if it is possible for this to be done without paid subscription?


    Many thanks,


  • Hi,


    I was using B itdefender free edition to run the scan.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi protoolswizard,


    We have had some discussions in the Community about this before. Please check these threads and see if these helps you - here, here and here.

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