Security for smart phone (Android).

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I have, for many years, used the F-Secure Internet Security Suite on my 2 house computers and a laptop.

Have just purchased a phone and want to add security to it....can someone advise me of the most appropriate product please?

My current license has 18 months to run.


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    In the next link more information about F-Secures products for Android smartphone.
    Safe, Freedome and Total.

    There is also comparing products.

    Make up your mind, when you know, what is the best for your purpose.

    Also smart phones need more security, because they are some kind of computers, but in smaller size.
    And it is good, that you are using F-Secures apps!

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    I assume you are suggesting that I have to remove my current suite, wasting 18 months subscription, and pay for a new one costing far more than I pay now for 2 years cover?



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    PS. What is the cost of 'Mobile Security' as per the link:-
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    No, absolutely no!
    Here is your misunderstanding!
    I did not suggest nothing removing.
    Read again my text.
    I did not write anything about subscription, neither paying.
    All those thoughts are coming from your imagination.
    I only answered your question.

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    My question was :-"can someone advise me of the most appropriate product please?"

    My second question was :-What is the cost of 'Mobile Security' as per the link:-
    I simply don't understand your last post!


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    Thank you ukko.

    The F-Secure website is geared to 'business' and not to the home user.

    It is very much a 'Take it or leave it' attitude.

    On each renewal over the years I have had to either email or telephone support to ensure a sensible renewal price.

    It is too complicated for me to proceed, I don't want to complicate my current set up, so I will simply use one of the many free security apps for my Android. 

    Again thanks for your comments.

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    Basically F-Secure website for Home Users is also pretty well:


    And also 'save' placeholder-pages (or redirect it) - if not possible to reach it from 'direct' website-route:


    I just able to think that "Business"-board/website about more 'solutions/packages' and more tricky properly understand/get proper view. So... Business-part can be with more 'attention' or resources under it.


    But I also able to think that some troublemeanings with "renewal price" (or such process at all) can be still improved by F-Secure.

    I still able to suggest try F-Secure SAFE (or even F-Secure Mobile Security from Play Market - if possible to install it under your device) with your Android-device as trial-time (just for sure and 'meet' how it works there).

    Also previously F-Secure SAFE/Mobile Security for Android was partly available with 'disabled' licence. But I do not remember "what features are limited" and "does it still valid design". So, was possible do not purchase license and to use application with restriction about certain features (which also can be useful with some situations).


    With other meanings: F-Secure SAFE should be with 'more sensible' price (compare to F-Secure Internet Security) - if we talk about 'one count of covered devices' and do not talk about certain promo/discounts for certain solution/renewal. It possible to check (time to time) ability switch from F-Secure IS to F-Secure SAFE (because F-Secure SAFE for desktops is F-Secure IS; but license do provide more abilities: to use it under mobile platforms and manage some things under account-portal).



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