Handy Licene deleted in my F-secoure internet

I need help, because can't open the programm at the handy, because I deleted my licence in my f-secoure ( internet version)


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    Sorry for my reply.

    What solution there? F-Secure Internet Security (?!) - if yes... how you do remove/delete your license (?!).


    Maybe good to know information like: certain F-Secure solution (F-Secure IS / F-Secure SAFE / Another), Platform (Windows, Android, Another), where you do delete license (portal / device / mail-letter with information / another); And so.


    Or possible to directly contact F-Secure Support channels (chat/phone):



    And do explain situation with all available information. Most likely they certified to handle 'license'-based troubles (and they do able re-check it internally).



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    Hi wurzel69,


    As Ukko mentioned, the below information would help us to identify the issue better:

    1. What is the F-Secure product used?

    2. If you have purchased the product from F-Secure directly, have you checked your email for the order/license details?

    3. May I know in which device have you installed the program?

    4. Are you having issues in opening the program and if yes, what is the error message seen?


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