Using legacy version (video driver issue) -- how can I get security updates?

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I am one of those unfortunate people with a video driver that forces me to use a legacy version of FREEDOME: 1.16.3641.0.


I was told not to accept updates, which are frequently offered.  Although I am quite satisfied with the operation of FREEDOME on my desktop, I am concerned that by continuing to use a legacy version that will work with my system, I may be missing out on security enhancements that result in my VPN not being as secure as it should be.


Is there any effort to include whatever updates have been issued in a version that will operate with my system, or must I wait until I buy a new computer? 


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    I don't really understand why a video driver  would force you to use an old version of Freedome?


    If you're looking for the latest installers of Freedome (latest version available) you can dowload it here!

    (This file (.exe)  also upgrades an already installed version of Freedome on your Windows PC)


    For better help you might want to chat or speak to an F-Secure expert!

  • wstephen
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    • The explanation I received originally: 
    • "Regarding your inquiry, we have recently upgraded the QT module
      in our installers to the latest version. However, by doing so, some
      legacy graphics cards are not supported (must support DirectX10+ and pixel shaders 3+) and causes an issue with Freedome.

      "We do have a workaround for this issue. You can proceed to download and install the following version of Freedome which was the last version using older QT module. Below is the link:.."
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    Is it possible to update the video driver?
    If computer has Windows as operating system, more information about drivers: for example.
    Why you must buy a new computer?
    Is it capasity or memory or what?
    Or older OS and the new one does not work in your computer?
    Or is computer broken?
    Sorry; that I am asking, but seems to be many questions.

  • Näsäviisas
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    Sorry, when I was writing my mail, you had sent a new exact mail.

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    Possible to re-check this topic and 'latest' conclusion:


    There was perfect 'explanation' about situation, some workarounds, troubles and meanigns with feelings. Based on user's experience.

    Partly topic about 'another trouble' - but also based on troubles with videodrivers/cards and support for some technologies.



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