Please Do Windows Updates now!

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Please Do Windows Updates now!




Hi Everyone! 


If you are currently using WIndows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and all Windows Servers.


Please do the Microsoft Windows Updates now. Before your computer are expose to attacks. I advise you to do the updates now. So don't just sit there do the updates now. (immediately!!!) Before someone have gain access to your computer remotely. Disable your Remote Assistant,Remote Desktop and SSH.


Please check for security updates via this site regulary for any computer security issues.


Apple Security Updates


Check this link if you have up to date Adobe Flash and if you have the old version. Update to the latest verison via adobe official website


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Re: Please Do Windows Updates now!

Important Note



Hi All,


Before doing any Windows updates make sure you back up all your files.  Always wait for weeks to update before proceeding as Microsoft tends to get a lot of problems and hassels at their end. 

Any important Documents files from your Microsoft Office,Photoshop,Lightroom,Games, etc please back up to external USB hard disk. 


Sometimes Microsoft can be a real pain when dealing with Windows Updates. 


If there are problems please go to for help. Make sure you have an account there. 


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