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Mozilla firefox doesn`t work anymore

I`m tired of getting the messages for updating or exes to be installed while running firefox. I`ve run the latest version 20xx

and got messages in seconds to do this and that. So I clicked "do not ask me anymore" and firefox broke down still after reinstalling it a few times, F-secure works with the "do not ask me anymore". How can I replace it to get firefox running again. I run on safari by now, but find it slower and uncomfortable for me, so I want back firefox.Ten times a day I also get messages to update flashplayer and others, even they are updatet. Also a message occurs to install "find software to open your files", which I dont want to, cause theres no need for it. Any suggestions on this? Sorry for my bad englisch, I`m german. 

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Re: Mozilla firefox doesn`t work anymore

Hello Sacratti,


I moved your post to what seems a more relevant board.


Unfortunately, updating regularly softwares is critical and necessary  for the security of your system. As some software get often security updates(some critical) I would advise you to install them as they come.


I am not sure which version of our product you are using or if your problem is really related to our product, but feel free to precise your issue so that we can help you further.


If you feel more comfortable in your own language our community is also available in german.

Best Regards


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