Reinstall CenturyLink F-Secure


Reinstall CenturyLink F-Secure

I am running a corporate version of F-Secure provided by my ISP Embarq and then CenturyLink.

Current version = CenturyLink Online Security 17.0 – framework 2.93 build 175.

I also had it running on another machine that had a hard disk failure. Machine has been repaired with new disk and I want to reinstall. However CenturyLink no longer provides F-secure download and has moved to Norton, an inferior product.

How can I reinstall legacy(?)  F-Secure on my repaired machine?

I know my My Account ID, Device IDs & subscription key

Anybody know a download link?

Thanks, DennisM in VA USA

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Re: Reinstall CenturyLink F-Secure



Most likely that branded F-Secure Solution with own installer.

Even your noted build of solution is not too much 'legacy'. But, probably, F-Secure own stable builds with partly advanced one view (and F-Secure own design is about always latest 'available' installer for latest 'available' build).  Maybe there is limitation.


And even more -> 'branded' subscription licence key should work only for branded installation (branded installer).

So, I think that it is an option to ask your ISP for 'previous' installer. Or re-check - if it is possible to retrieve installer from something like your 'account' (portal).


If designed and official steps are not expected. Maybe some other CenturyLink users may be with such information.