manual Scan


manual Scan

windows 7 sp1 x64 ultimate.

Upgraded fsecure to new build R 1.41. Manual scan does not work. It was ok in the previous build.

Windows security reports scurity not enabled. Tried to enable. Doest not work.

Serious bug in fsecure R1.41


Re: manual Scan


Exactly the same thing for me.

(Windows Vista SP2 32 bits Pro)


Bug: No scanning is done

No scanning is doneYou can click on the option but nothing happens.


F-Secure 1.41 build 474

CCF Agent 1.41 release build 171
CCF CUIF 10.00 build 27809
CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 255
CCF Automatic Update Agent 1.05 build 891
CCF Upstream 1.1 build 27676
CCF Diagnostics 8.00 build 17339
CCF Network 1.01 build 104

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bits


Re: Bug: No scanning is done

Hi all,


this has the same root problem as what is causing the problem in thread "Computer Security Reports that it is Turned Off". We know already how to fix it, but due to unexpected problems with creating the hotfix, it is not yet fully ready. We will release the hotfix for both of these problem tomorrow.