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I've been using TP36. I've been streaming video from my office "server" (multi-use desktop Win7 x64) for years and have tried multiple AV/security apps. Over the past year or so... MSFT Security Essentials, AVAST 6, BitDefender 2011, F-Secure 2011, TP36. The only apps I had problem streaming video with is F-secure 2011 & TP36. I uninstalled and cleaned registry last night and will reinstall when you release TP37.


I'm looking for the most complete and easy to use solution including AV, firewall, email protection, site protection, parental controls, etc. I use PeerBlock to block unwanted domains using community knowledge and it works well but I'd like to see a solution that would use these block lists so I did not need to run PeerBlock - including adding user specific sites to block (advertising sites, unwanted misc sites for kids, etc).


To be 100% upfront and not trynig to be mean, so far - AVAST has the most complete, feature rich, and easy to use solution. They have everything I have mentioned above and more. They even have sandboxing which works very well.

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Re: Questions / Comments / Complaints about Features & Usage...

So far, I also agree with you. I use F-Secure on my other laptop, but for most of my other devices I use other AV.

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This is the big question from your earlier post it says F-Secure firewall on and off in the settings menu. Then what happens if I go into wanting to change settings it sends me to change the windows 7 firewall settings? I am very confused as to what is going on? What is the F-Secure firewall component suppopsed to look like? The reason I am asking is because I did a Firewall leak test and it failed saying that the test program can reach outside servers? Please someone enlighten me? This is F-Secure Tech Preview Windows Beta. Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Questions / Comments / Complaints about Features & Usage...

This is an old thread. We no longer have separate firewall component, but instead use Windows firewall.


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This is just a feedback. And not a complain.


I think most users prefer FS 2012 Firewall as compare to FS 2013.


They like F-Secure 2012 firewall.


They are familar with it.


Nobody likes Micro$oft firewall. With Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.


They are not comfortable with the rule set.


F-Secure 2013. It kinda slow when they use the F-Secure DNS enable.


Some ISPs are having issues when having F-Secure DNS enable in F-Secure 2013.


Their Internet Connection drag then down.


It gobbles alot of memory.


I've seen the PCMAG review on FS 2013.


In a way, PCMAG states correctly.


When in the Task Manager Process the FS 2013 active process should not be so easy to terminate.


Please review the article below.,2817,2411682,00.asp


Then you got the picture what they are trying to say.



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In your WIndows 7 Firewall. You need to tick Block Incoming.


Goto Control Panel, Firewall, Turn Windows Firewall On and Off.


Select Block Incoming Connection and Notify me for both Private and Public settings.


Restart your Windows.


As for the leaktest.


When you run the leaktest program.


F-Secure 2013 Deep Guard will prompt you to either allow or block.


You have to block it.


Block it. You know. If you allow it will FAIL.


If you block it. It will pass.


I have tested it my self.


I block it and it pass the test.