FS Protection for Mac build 15597 (1.0.1114)?


FS Protection for Mac build 15597 (1.0.1114)?

I  have recently signed up for the FS Protection beta. I somehow have build 15597 of the Mac client but I don't see this build mentioned anywhere on the forums or have a sticky thread annoucing the release. Is this verson legit as it doesn't install properly. I have submitted a bug report.


Screenshot 2015-08-12 12.56.34.png

F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: FS Protection for Mac build 15597 (1.0.1114)?

Hello Nickorchard,


This is indeed a legit version but due to vacation time and lack of big new feature no announcement was made on it.


I reported your problem to our development team and they will look into it.


Best Regards



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