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@Simon wrote:

Not received the update on my Windows 7 machine yet, but I'm certainly looking forward to the new colour scheme!

just for sure: entire colour scheme is a fresh but still a classic one! It looks like as a stable solution.

and, for example, my words about Scan Wizard UI and "colour palette difference" are about point that the colors are different for different types of scan.

But I noted most of all the fact that the "animation" is pretty impulsive (if to look fixedly). Smiley Surprised


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Release 17.8 beta 3 (4.30.3636):

Fixed issues:

  • Support tool only collects partial logs when not enough disk space (PBL-5888)
  • "F-Secure SAS" button from main user interface of Tools tab will open wrong webpage. Changed redirect on F-Secure side. (SAFE_BUG-02887)
  • My PC is getting regularly full (SAFE_BUG-02886)
  • Scan wizard: "Cleaning is almost complete" text wrong color (PBL-5858)
  • Scan Wizard crashes if malware found (PBL-5863)
  • Net scan wizard: "Cleaning is almost complete" text not centered (PBL-5844)
  • Scan report creation fails if file with this name exists (PBL-5843)
  • Net scan wizard: Quarantine list not updated automatically (PBL-5834)
  • Scan wizard opens always at top left corner of screen (PBL-5832)
  • Scan started before signatures are installed (PBL-5831)
  • Scan wizard: "Open last scanning report" fails if cleaning skipped (PBL-5830)
  • Scan wizard: Tab navigation through infection cards not working (PBL-5813)
  • Scan wizard uses way too much CPU (PBL-5622)

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Animated progress of Scan Wizard taskbar logo looks good! Probably it was not there before beta3... but I think it is useful addition to design.

// and, by the way, does autoclosing Scan Wizard window for "canceled" scan (after certain time of progress) is a cool feature? Or unexpected situation?


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Hi @Ukko 


No dialog should close automatically. That is just bad design. Please create a bug report if you didn't already.



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