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Don't Become Unnecessary Bloatware

Don't Become Unnecessary Bloatware

This is not so much of an idea, but maybe of what not to do, and that is, don't try to do so much other stuff other than improving the Web Browsing and PC Security.


I had run the trial version of Kaspersky 2012 Security Suite, and they have so many things you can click and tick, so many misc options, that it can become bloatware, people can do more harm than good with all (to many?) under the hood changes that can be made, and they (Kaspersky) can lose track of true PC security, in trying to cover every base, and be all things to all people.


In my opinion, F-Secure is one of the top 2-3 Suites on the market (AV-Comparatives 2010 Product of the year) without so many system and software glitches as the competitors seem to have.  Just make some tweaks, and minor add ons as people are suggesting here. If a family member or friend wanted a no muss, no fuss Security Suite for protection, and not because it has a file shredder etc. this is the one I would recommend.

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F-Secure Employee
Status changed to: Accepted
Thank you for the suggestion and your continued support. With every release we strive hard to keep the user experience simple to understand and operate for normal users, even though the under the hood the technology gets more and more complex to address new threats.