email service issues through German VPN location


email service issues through German VPN location

For the last days, I'm having issues communicating with my mail-accounts (3 physically different server locations in Germany: GMX, 1&1 and one public university), both rending and receiving, if freedome is connected to Falkenstein/Germany. If I disconnect or even if I simply change the location, e.g. to Copenhagen, the problem is resolved and I can normally get and send mails througjh these servers. All my email traffic is  going through STARTTLS connections.


Platform: Windows 10
Mail program: Thunderbird 45.4.0

Community Manager

Re: email service issues through German VPN location

Hi MiNiS,


I checked with our Freedome product team about the email service issue. It seems to be that those e-mail providers may have blocked access from our German location. We can investigate this further if we have the following details:


1. Screenshot of the mail server configurations (or exact mail server addresses and port numbers) for the three places you use for your e-mails

2. Error message (if any)


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