SENSE Feature Requests

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SENSE Feature Requests

Hello Everyone,


We have been seeing a lot of feedbacks regarding SENSE features in the SENSE board. You may suggest new features here in this thread.



Thank you for all your feedbacks and contributions.


There is a permanent post describing product updates here:

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Sense feature wishlist



please post your wishes/ missing features here:


- whitelist for trackers

- Data usage per device counter 

- iOS app does not count threads, it Shows 0

- more transparent status of the security features 

- freedome integrated, of course 

- App on two devices without the setup wizard 

- used ports per device

- ability to assign fixed IPs


Re: Sense feature wishlist

- a fonctionnal Android App, like the IOS one


<edit> I agree to the previous and the following post

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Re: Sense feature wishlist

-"normal"  web admin view for sense wifi-router without restricting it to android or iOS-devices

-chromecast support for sense setup/admin program

-backup/restore  facility for settings of wifi-router configs

-statistics for bandwidth and port usage

-logging facility for remote servers/remote alarm facility in  cases of abnormal traffic detection(security firmware)


Re: Sense feature wishlist

All above and.... 

- IPv6 support

- MDM features for managing all your homes mobile devices. 

- Micro-segmentation  so that I could have my IOT, workstations and mobile devices in their own restricted silos. Example in dd-wrt feature is called AP Isolation that restrict traffic between wireless clients. 

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Re: Sense feature wishlist

All the above features are good to have, but personally i think these are most important and absence of these is really disappointing:


1. Controlling the Sense settings without mobile phone app!

 - I mean how stupid is to delay features and options because of app development if you could just have a webportal access like any other router. What was the reason for this implementation? I really want to know!

2. Port fowarding on android app.

3. Browsing protection website whitelisting.

- I cannot understand how this is missing? It's a feature in all other F-Secure products and I know from my experience from home products like Safe and from Policymanager and PSB business products, that you cannot even deploy such a feature without the option for whitelisting..


I really expected more from F-Secure and even more since the Sense release was delayed many times, because you said that it was not ready! Well it still is not! 


Re: Sense feature wishlist

Wake on Lan  feature for registered devices

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Re: Sense feature wishlist

Thanks all for being early customers, for your contributions and for continuing active feedback.


I've asked our community manager @Laksh to PIN this (or create an official feature request thread) so that all future requests can be collected in to one place. We are also working to update FAQ's and adding some troubleshooting help for issues that have surfaced after release. Hopefully we can address many of your questions then.


Best Regards:

Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead


Re: Sense feature wishlist

Only as additional feature-request to collection:


from 'Feature Request'-board; created by @PeterHolt ;


Re: Sense feature wishlist

Not allowing colliding subnets on Wan and Lan interfaces (simple configuration checking)