having problems with fscuif.exe


having problems with fscuif.exe

hi can anybody help having problems with fscuif.exe breaking up and having compatibility problems only had f-secure a few weeks finding it hard to understand thanks yogapose


Re: having problems with fscuif.exe

Hi Yogapose,


fscuif.exe is part of the user interphase.


What problems do you have?


It would be as well good to know wich version/product you are using and what operating system in oder to discuss further.


Re: having problems with fscuif.exe

thank you for respond  i have my security on vista 32 bit windows 8 pc and the most problem is my 10in netbook aspire windows 7 this one the most problem just lots of problem when i try to run security and it goes offline and wants to change settinegs seems it has a problem with fscuif,exe i thought this was a virus the two seem to oppose i dont think they are set up right there are loads of files it wont scan thanks yogapos

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Re: having problems with fscuif.exe

are you meaning you have Windows Vista 32 bit and Windows 8 beta(not yet final release) and there antivirus works fine, but on Windows 7 in your netbook F-Secure security product does not?



it displays blue (i) or red (X) picture in Internet Security/Anti-Virus window?


try to restart your computer

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Re: having problems with fscuif.exe

Hi yogapose,

Much appreciate if you could provide the screenshot of the situation described above. Else, you may open a Support Ticket for further assistances.


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