What Firefox add on to recommend


What Firefox add on to recommend

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My friends have recommended that I start using Firefox because I’ve been complaining how slow my browser sometimes gets. Until now, I have been using Internet Explorer but have now a couple of times used Firefox as well. It really seems faster. I wonder why that is. In any case, I noticed that there are some kind of add ons available. Should I use those as well? What are they good for?


Thanks for the answers already in advance!

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Re: What Firefox add on to recommend

Hi Muse,

I'm not sure how I suppose to advise on this but I do found an useful page for your question:

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Re: What Firefox add on to recommend

Better coding, just simply.


Add-ons add all kinds of functionality to Firefox, you can find some of them at AMO.


I'd personally recommend WOT for a starters, it is very useful.


I also like Movable Firefox Button.


Re: What Firefox add on to recommend

I am using Adblock Plus to get rid of comecials.


What is as well a nice tool is FoxyProxy


THere as well web developper tools like Firebug which I every now and than use.